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If you haven’t confirmed the contract details with your supplier, please contact the supplier and confirm the key terms before filling in the information below.

Basic information


Guangzhou Chiming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
86 20 26271440

Product details

Product 1

0.00 USD
Total product price : {{productTotalFormat}} USD

Shipping Method & Trade Terms

( Incoterms 2010 )

Trade Assurance terms

Total order amount : {{productTotalFormat}} USD (Does not include shipping fees)

Initial payment


Payment method : T/T only (USD recommended)

Covered amount

{{actualGuaranteeAmount}} USD {{baoPercentage}}% of your total order amount

The supplier’s remaining Trade Assurance amount is less than your initial payment. Your payment will be covered up to the supplier’s remaining amount.

On-time shipment safeguard

GMT +8
Ship day(s) after supplier receives the initial payment

Please fill in the product quality standards for your product(s). The supplier must agree to the standards.
If you do not specify any standards, the Quality Inspection Standard will be applied by default.

Example :

Iron nail, check weight 10 bags to see how close to 25kg.

Acceptable if + or - 200g. 24.8kg-25.2kg is acceptable.

Please upload order quality related documents.

max file size 5 MB. Formats: ZIP,PDF,XLSX,DOCX, GIF, JPEG, PNG

Additional remarks